Androids - Detroit Become Human
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Detroit: Become Human Chapters

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This is the flowchart walkthrough for The Stratford Tower, with 100% completion rate and all checkpoints. This chapter is from the perspective of Markus.

Flowchart Edit

  1. Alone in Ferndale
  2. Witness Android Discrimination
  3. Back in Jericho
  4. Markus Explains His Plan
  5. Stratford Tower
  6. Find a Way to Pass Security
    • Talk To Android Receptionist
    • Analyze Supervisor's Desk
      1. Call Supervisor
      2. Pose As Fireman OR Pose As Teacher OR Pose As Parking Attendant
      3. Supervisor Leaves
    • Talk to Unsupervised Android Receptionist
  7. Convert Receptionist
  8. Pass Security
  9. Take Elevator
  10. At Floor 47
  11. Retrieve Package
  12. Acquire Maintenance Badge
  13. Take Cart
  14. Let North In
  15. Security Blocks Server Room
  16. Hack Robot OR Hack Dispenser
  17. Security Distracted
  18. Enter Server Room
    • Lock the Door
    • Forget to Lock the Door
      • Employee Enters
        • Use Alibi OR Stall
          • North Stuns the Employee AND Leave Employee to Be Found
        • Draw Gun
          • Stun the Employee
            • Leave Employee to be Found
    • North Calls Cradle
    • Prepare to Cut Glass
      1. Cut the Glass
      2. Outside Tower
      3. Attach Rope
      4. Ascend
      5. Reach Top Floor
      6. Cut the Glass
  19. On the Top Floor (checkpoint)
  20. Call the Elevator
  21. Blow Door Open
  22. Reach Main Access Corridor
  23. Security Blocks the Way
    • Attack
      • Draw Gun
        • Cc impact Shoot Guard on Phone
          • Simon Damaged
        • Cc impact Shoot Guard Drawing Weapon
    • Ruse
      • Security Suspects Something
        • Alert Central Security
        1. Cc impact North Attacks - important for later
        2. Simon Damaged
      • Incapacitate Security
  24. In the Broadcast Room
  25. Ring to Enter
    • North and Josh Threaten the Operator
      1. Operator Tries to Escape
      2. Cc impact Shoot Operator
      3. Don’t Shoot Operator - important for later
    • Deal With Android Operators
      1. Prepare to Broadcast
      2. Begin Calmly OR Begin Determinedly
      3. Demand Recognition OR Demand End of Slavery OR Demand Equal Rights OR Demand Free Speech
      4. Demand Justice OR Demand End to Segregation OR Demand Right to Work OR Demand Universal Suffrage
      5. Demand Right to Own Property OR Demand Means of Reproduction OR Demand Territory
      6. Cc impact End Peacefully OR Cc impact End Determinedly - important for later
        • Leave Broadcast Room - if Incapacitate Security OR Shoot Guard on Phone AND Shoot Operator, Lock the Server Door also required
        • SWAT Team Storms Room
          • Simon Damaged
            • Leave Simon
              • Cc impact Simon Is Killed
            • Try To Save Simon
              • Fail To Save SimonFailure
                • Cc impact Simon Is Killed
              • Simon SavedSuccess
  26. On the Roof
    • Simon Can't Continue - if Simon Saved, otherwise Run to Jump below
      • Cc impact Leave Simon
      • Cc impact Execute Simon
    • Run to Jump
      • Cc impact Get Shot
        • North Helps Markus - continues to Jump below
      • Reach Roof Edge
        1. Jump
        2. Media Reacts
          • The Group Escaped But Simon Was Left Behind
          • The Group Escaped
          • The Group Escaped But Simon Was Destroyed