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All Endings

All Endings

This is the flowchart walkthrough for Spare Parts, with 100% completion rate and all checkpoints. This chapter is from the perspective of Markus.

Flowchart Edit

  1. Hunting for Parts
  2. Climb Onto Dock
  3. Follow North
  4. Almost Spotted
  5. Climb on Containers
  6. Progress Toward CyberLife
  7. Follow North OR Follow Simon
  8. Drone Blocks Path
  9. Neutralize Drone
  10. Markus UnharmedSuccess OR Markus DamagedFailure
  11. Reach CyberLife (checkpoint)
  12. Gather Spare Parts
  13. Security Android Appears
    • Attack - leads to Markus Spills Blood below
    • Run Away - leads to Alarm Sounds below
    • Hide - leads to Alarm Sounds below
    • Grab Android and Hide
      1. John Becomes Deviant and/or Guard Searches for Security Android
        • Attack
        • Release
        • Hold Position
      2. Markus Spills Blood OR Human Guard Leaves
      3. Resume Search
      4. Find Crate of Androids - or can jump directly to John Wants to Join below
      5. Free Androids OR Leave Androids
      6. John Wants to Join
      7. Accept OR Refuse - Refuse leads directly to Alarm Sounds below
      8. John Mentions Key
      9. Accept OR Refuse - Refuse leads directly to Run to Fence below
      10. Control Room (checkpoint)
      11. Enter Room
      12. Markus Gets Spotted - leads to Alarm Sounds below
      13. Find Key
        • Lure Guards OR Create Blackout
          • Avoid Guards
          • Fail to Avoid Guards
            1. Alarm Sounds
            2. Run to Fence
              • Dogs Maul John (if John becomes Deviant)
                • Leave John Behind
                  • Group Returned With Full Bags
                • Sustain Damage Trying to Save John
                  • Group Failed Their Mission
              • Sustain Damage Reaching the Fence
                • Group Failed Their Mission
              • Back to Jericho
                • Group Failed Their Mission OR Group Returned With Full Bags
        • Threaten Guards
          • Kill GuardsFailure
          • Incapacitate GuardsSuccess
          • Trigger AlarmFailure - leads to Alarm Sounds above
            1. Steal Key
            2. Leave With Truck
            3. Markus Stole a Truck Full of Parts