Detroit: Become Human Chapters

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This is the flowchart walkthrough for Russian Roulette, with 100% completion rate and all checkpoints. This chapter is from the perspective of Connor.

Flowchart Edit

  1. Emerge in the Zen Garden (checkpoint)
  2. Join Amanda
  3. Arrive at Hank's Place (checkpoint)
  4. Find Lt. Anderson (or go right to Spot Hank and Break In)
    • Ring Bell
    • Ring Again
    • Check Car
    • Check Bedroom Window
    • Check Front Living Room Window
    • Check Back Living Room Window
    • Knock on Door
  5. Spot Hank and Break In
  6. Enter House
  7. Hank's Dog Approaches
  8. Calm Hank's Dog (if Connor learned the dog's name in Waiting for Hank...) OR Rile Hank’s Dog (if not)
  9. Analyze Hank (Optional: Analyze stuff on floor)
  10. Take Hank to the Bathroom
  11. Distant Attitude (choosing any option other than "rational") OR Understanding Attitude (choosing "rational" option)
  12. Take Hippy Shirt OR Take Streaky Shirt OR Take Stripy Shirt
  13. Wait for Hank
  14. Hank is Ready
  15. Left for Eden Club