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This is the flowchart walkthrough for Last Chance, Connor, with 100% completion rate and all checkpoints. This chapter is from the perspective of Connor.

Flowchart Edit

Start Edit

  1. Start (checkpoint)
    • Look At Magic Stone
    • Visit Graves - only available if Connor has died at least once prior to this point in the game
  2. Talk to Amanda - leads to In the Police Station

In the Police Station Edit

  1. In the Police Station (checkpoint)
  2. Fowler and Hank Argue
    • Know Jericho’s Location - only if it was learned from Kamski during Meet Kamski.
      1. Talk To Hank
      2. Connor Left For Jericho
    • Jericho's Location Unknown

Create a Diversion Edit

  1. Create a Diversion
  2. Take Key
  3. Rush to Basement
  4. Gavin Yells
    • Ignore Gavin OR Dismiss Gavin
      • Gavin Is Suspicious
    • Answer Calmly
      • Gavin is Convinced
  5. Go Down to Basement - leads to In the Evidence Room

In the Evidence Room Edit

  1. In the Evidence Room
  2. Guess Hank's Password
  3. Unlock Evidence
  4. Find Jericho's Location - most of the options here depend on player's actions in previous chapters.
    • Body of Carlos' Android (if died in previous chapters)
    • Jericho Tablet - only if Connor probed Simon's memory in Public Enemy
    • Carlos' Android Memory (if used friendly approach in The Interrogation)
    • Daniel's body
      1. Reactivate Daniel
      2. Talk to Daniel
      3. No Information
    • Rupert's Body (if he committed suicide in The Nest)
      1. Reactivate Rupert
      2. Get Decryption Key
    • Rupert's Diary (if found in The Nest)
      • Analyze Diary
    • Carlos' Android's Statue (if found in Partners)
      1. Break Statue
      2. Retrieve Map
      3. Link Map to Other Evidence OR (if you let time run out) Unable to Link Map to Other Evidence
    • Body of Blue-Haired Traci (if killed in The Eden Club)
      1. Reactivate Blue-Haired Traci
      2. Talk to Traci
      3. Remove Accomplice's Head
      4. Trick Traci
      5. Download Jericho Key
    • Body of Brown-haired Traci (if killed in The Eden Club)
      • Remove Accomplice's Head (see continuation above)
    • Markus' Broadcast
      1. Impersonate Markus
      2. Trick the Deviant
      3. Download Jericho Key
    • Simon's Body (if killed in Public Enemy)
      1. Reactivate Simon
      2. Interrogate Simon - leads to Impersonate Markus above
    • Stratford Android's Body (if killed in Public Enemy)
      1. Reactivate Deviant
      2. Interrogate Deviant - leads to Impersonate Markus above
  5. (Result)
    • Out of Time
      • Connor Series was Decommissioned [fn 1]
    • Locate Jericho (important for later)
      • Leave The Basement
        • Connor Eluded Perkins
      • Gavin Returns
        • Fight Gavin
          • Lose Fight
            • Cc deathGavin Destroyed Connor
          • Win Fight
            • Connor Incapacitated Gavin

Footnotes Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 If this ending is triggered, and both Kara and Markus have died in previous chapters, the game ends here. This is the only way to unlock gallery items 47 and 48 in the Extras menu.