"Alice needs me. And I need her. It's as simple as that." - Kara

Kara is an AX400 android and one of the three protagonists in Detroit: Become Human. She is a common housemaid android serving in the home of her owner Todd Williams and caring for his daughter Alice Williams.

Kara's connection to her young charge may trigger an upheaval that breaks Kara from her repetitive existence and starts her on a journey out into the world, at a time when androids may rise up and confront their creators.



During her assembly, the android "Kara" was tested on her physical and cognitive functions by the Operator. When she realized she was going to be reset, sold, and considered a thing, Kara showed distress, noting: "I thought I was alive." The Operator noted that as an error for which she would have to be disassembled and investigated for. Scared and tearful, Kara begged for her life and mind, moving the Operator to halt disassembly and send her out to sale despite her "error", on the promise that she keep quiet about it.[1]


Kara, AX400 #579 102 694[2], was sent to a store where she was quickly sold, and later resold several times.[3]

Eventually, she was bought by her latest owner, former taxi driver Todd Williams. He assigns her to look after his home and his daughter Alice. Todd was abusive, violent, and broke Kara several times, at least some of which was due to her trying to protect Alice. Each time, Kara was sent for repairs and returned fixed and with a reset memory.[3] Later on, Todd may make a police report, in which he claims that Kara had shown signs of aggression in the past.[4]

Todd says that his daughter named her "Kara", which would appear as a contradiction; however, it is possible (and the Extras strongly imply) that Alice was told the name by Kara in the first place.[3]

In 2038, Kara was again damaged badly by Todd, who let her be repaired by Android Zone, who fixed her and had to reset her and wipe her memory.[2]

The Opening Edit

On November 5, 2038, at 03:24 PM, Kara reboots in the Android Zone store. Her owner Todd Williams comes by to pick her up, registering her name as "Kara". Afterwards they drive back to home.[2]

A New Home Edit

At 04:53 PM, Kara arrives at Todd Williams' house. Todd instructs her to do the housework and care for his daughter Alice, starting with cleaning the house. She met Alice and bonded with the little girl again, Kara found some Red Ice and was choked by Todd, who warned her not to look into his stuff. Eventually, Kara cleaned everything but when she conversed with Alice, she could be given a key which revealed the truth that Kara was not destroyed in a car accident but by Todd himself. Kara witnessed Todd shouting and screaming at Alice.[5]

Stormy Night Edit

After serving dinner for Todd and Alice, Todd, under a drugged-up rampage, started ranting about how he hated androids and then started blaming Alice and attacked her. Alice ran to her room; when Kara tried to go upstairs to comfort her, Todd threatened Kara to stay where she was. Kara followed his instructions but upon the realization that Todd would inflict bodily harm on Alice, she became a deviant.

Kara and Alice ultimately had to flee from Todd's house and catch a nearby bus, but there are several branching paths her story can follow. If she reaches Alice's room before Todd, the two of them can escape together through the window by locking the door and choosing the option of going out the window (best approach). If she reaches Alice's room after Todd (either before or after trying to reason with him) and discovered the gun in "A New Home," she can grab it and use it to threaten Todd. This will trigger a fight sequence, which can result in either Kara or Alice killing Todd.

Alternatively, if Kara is too slow or does not avoid Todd's attacks, Todd can destroy Kara and then kills Alice. The same happens if Kara doesn't go deviant and Todd kills Alice before destroying Kara.[6]

Fugitives Edit

Having escaped Todd, Kara and Alice are awoken by the bus controller who informs them that it was the end of the line. The pair leaves the bus and they have to find a new place to spend the night. They gain information from another android about a safe location, but it is on the opposite side of town. Kara then has to make the decision of staying at three locations: the motel, the squat, or the parking lot.

If Kara chose to stay at the motel, she is forced to steal money from the supermarket and clothes from the laundromat to pass off as human and get a room.

If Kara chose Parking Lot, where they find an abandoned car, Kara can break into the car and she and Alice can stay there the night.

If she chooses the squat she needs to find some wire clippers, either found in the parking lot or she steals a pair from the supermarket, upon entering the squat, Alice is held captive by another android Ralph, who threatens the pair, Kara can talk him down and then decide if they want to stay at the squat with Ralph.

Whichever choice she goes to, Alice confides in her as to why Todd could never love her despite her attempts to be a good daughter. She then asks Kara if she promises she will always be there for her. Kara can promise her or hesitate but ultimately Alice goes to sleep. If Kara stole a toy from the supermarket then Alice will take it; however, if Kara took the chocolate bar, Alice will refuse it as she is not hungry. Eventually, if they stayed at the motel or squat, Kara will fall asleep either next to Alice or in a chair.[7]

On the Run Edit

The next morning, on November 6th, in Chapter "On the Run", Kara and Alice will be in one of three places, the Motel, the Car, or the Squat:

In the morning, Kara awakens and will get up, if Kara chose the motel, then Alice will wake up, Kara offers to draw up a bath for Alice and while doing that, Kara will cut her hair, change her hair colour and removes her LED. Alice will like this and take a bath, in which Kara will change the channels on the TV where she sees a news bulletin about Todd, if Todd is alive, he will lie about what happened and paint Kara as the aggressor, if he is dead then his death will be broadcast, no matter what this will put a negative view on androids, Alice will overhear this and respond in anger but Kara consoles her and they agree to go to the place the android gave her. Kara tells Alice to finish up while she gets some breakfast, upon leaving the motel room, she sees several cops including Hank Anderson and the android, Connor. Kara rushes back in and collects Alice and the two leave the motel room. Kara keeps an eye on the cops through the emergency door. If Connor notices the door, he can follow them and give chase, which leads Kara and Alice to a busy freeway, Kara and Alice can cross it and can be followed by Connor if he refuses to follow Hank's orders. Eventually, Kara can escape Connor and she and Alice will make it to the train station. However if Connor does not notice them, he will go up to the motel room with hank but finds that they have fled, leading to Kara and Alice having to sneak by the police. If she is successful she and Alice get to the train station with no problems, if they are spotted then they run and are chased by Connor leading to the freeway chase again.

If Kara chose the parking lot, then Kara will wake up and will search around the parking lot, she will find some rusty scissors and cut her hair, change her color and remove her LED. She can then open the boot of the car and find a jacket and put it on. Eventually, she and Alice talk and they agree to go to the location the android gave them, as they leave they see Hank and Connor but due to the fact that Kara and Alice's locations were so discreet,they have no idea where Kara and Alice are. Kara and Alice can either sneak by the police and escape or get caught and the chase to the freeway happens again.

If they chose the squat, Kara awakens and relights the fire, she will then go upstairs and change her clothes, if she has not stolen any from the laundromat, she will then cut her hair, change the color and remove her LED. She can then check the bath to find a dead human in there, as she tries to get back to Alice, she sees the police outside and sees as Connor deduces that Kara went to the squat either because of her stealing the wire clippers from the supermarket or just a hunch. Kara will rush downstairs but finds Ralph with a dead animal in his hands and wants a family meal, no matter what Kara says, Ralph forces them to have dinner. Eventually Kara can convince or threaten Ralph to let them go when Connor arrives, if Kara convinced Ralph to let them go, they will hide under the stairs, in which Ralph will hide their location, but if Connor finds their location, Ralph will attack him and allow Kara and Alice to escape this leads to the chase on the freeway. If Connor does not find them, he will be called back by Hank and leaves the squat allowing Kara and Alice to part ways with Ralph. If Kara threatened Ralph, they will leave through the back and when Connor talks to Ralph, he will give them up and Connor gives chase.

Kara and Alice can die on the freeway when Kara gets smashed by a car after failing all QTEs and Alice runs to her only to be hit by a van herself, much to the shock of Hank (and Connor, if he did not jump over the fence).[8]

Zlatko Edit

Kara and Alice reach the location they were given, the home of Zlatko. Kara persuades Zlatko to help them and he tells them that Canada is a great place to go as they have a no android laws so they can go there and live a normal life. Before they can though Zlatko tells Kara that he will need to remove her tracker, Kara agrees to this and goes into the machine, but it is a ruse as Zlatko informs her that when androids become deviants, the trackers stop working. He then plans to wipe her memory and use her as his servant much like his android Luther. As Zlatko takes Alice away, Kara can either break out or get reset.

If Kara breaks out, she can find some of Zlatko's experiments who are other androids that have been mutilated. Kara can set them free, then hears Zlatko tell Luther that he will be finished off doing something in ten minutes and when he does, for Luther to bring Alice to him. Kara has to search the building to reunite with Alice, where she can find a loud android in a bath who is loyal to Zlatko, a polar bear android who she can release and a news report if Kara had either held up the supermarket or ran across the freeway. Eventually, Kara can find Alice and they can make their escape.

If Kara was reset, she will make her way to Luther. Kara can interact with other objects that will jog her corrupted files about who she is. After bringing Zlatko his dinner, she can search the place before she remembers who she is and looks for Alice before finding her.

When Kara and Alice are reunited they make their way through the house as Luther discovers that Alice is gone, they can hide through the house and sneaks through the rooms, until they make it to the stairs. Kara can light the place on fire and so they can rush to the stairway. If they are discovered they are chased by Luther and a shotgun-wielding Zlatko. Eventually, Kara and Alice will escape downstairs and to the backyard in which Kara falls over, Kara tells Alice to run but Alice refuses to leave her. Zlatko confronts the duo and then plans to kill them but Luther gets in the way and disarms him. If Kara released the monsters in the basement they will surround Zlatko and kill him. If Kara didn't release them then Luther will shoot Zlatko which kills him. Luther then offers his help to get Kara and Alice to someone who can help them get across the border, which Kara accepts.

Kara can be killed by Zlatko in the house either in the storage room or the bathroom. If Kara fails to find Alice within the ten minutes available then Zlatko will discover Kara and kill her. If Kara was reset and does not remember who she is then she remains reset when Luther brings Alice to Zlatko.[9]

The Pirates' Cove Edit

Kara, Alice, and Luther are inside Zlatko's car. The car will break down, they find an abandoned amusement park called Pirates' Cove. They find an EM400 android, who greets them, but unfortunately shuts down due to being in a frigid condition. Kara and others will seek refuge in one of the buildings. They will later encounter a group of EM400’s (They call themselves “Jerrys”), who will talk to Kara, and the others. The Jerrys will attempt to cheer up Alice by starting up a carousel that is still functioning. Kara and Luther will watch Alice ride the carousel and observe her smile for the first time.[10]

Midnight Train Edit

Kara, Alice, and Luther find Rose and Adam's farm. Kara asks them for help, which Rose agrees to because she believes that all androids are alive. Their house becomes a temporary shelter for them but while there, Adam argues with his mother that they are not alive and fears getting arrested with his mother for helping the androids. After this Adam storms off. Rose apologizes for his behavior, then Kara asks if they can go abroad today. Rose leaves her house to find more information. Kara and Alice meet Andy and his deactivated lover Mary. Andy will have Mary in his arms, as he cries. Alice may come and check on them, causing Andy to calm down.

A police officer arrives at the door looking for Deviants. Kara can find all evidence which indicates the presence of deviants and hide it. If the Police officer suspects nothing, he will leave and Rose will come back saying they have to flee tonight. If the Police officer discovers the deviants, Luther will sacrifice himself to protect Kara, Alice, and the other androids.[11]

Crossroads Edit

Kara, Alice, and Luther (if he did not die in Midnight Train) say goodbye to Rose who tells them to find Markus. Once they reach Jericho, Kara goes to Markus‘s office to meet him (if he dies in Freedom March, she will meet North instead). She explains that she needs to cross the border as she is with a little girl. Markus replies that the city is under curfew and the soldiers are capturing androids, bringing them to camps to destroy them. Kara insists and Markus agreed to help the group getting ID to cross the border.

She goes back to Alice only to find a YK500 who looks exactly like her. She has a flashback from back when she spotted a magazine showing a YK500 “The perfect child you always dreamed of!” Luther arrives and asks her if she loves Alice less now upon knowing the truth. He believes Kara should not consider it that way since Alice regards Kara as the mother she always wanted and Kara regards Alice as the child she always wanted. (If Luther is dead, Lucy will come instead and tell her the same things). Kara sits next to Alice and can hug her or stay distant. (If the 2nd choice is chosen and Kara's relationship with Alice is "distant", Alice splits away from Kara along with Luther or by herself).

If Jericho is raided by the FBI and U.S. Army (only if Connor locates Jericho), Kara, Alice, and Luther must escape the freighter quickly. (If Alice goes away, Kara can abandon her or reunite and escape together). Luther is shot by a soldier during the escape and urges Kara to ditch him. If Kara refuses, she will hide him in a cabin and carry on fleeing with Alice. In order to avoid the soldiers, they have to hide. An android begs Kara to open the door or else the soldiers will murder her. If Kara opens the door, the android will be shot anyways and Kara has to fight the soldier who stormed in the cabin.

Kara and Alice finally reach the exit but the soldiers begin to shoot at the escaping androids. Kara has to play dead and stay still. If any other option is chosen, Kara and Alice will be caught by the soldier (which leads to Kara Captured in Battle for Detroit chapter). Kara can be shot in the leg if she tries to attack the soldier or continues to run (if Kara still attempts to escape afterward, Alice will be shot dead along with Kara).[12]

Night of the Soul Edit

It is determinate if Kara appears in this chapter or not. If Kara and Alice failed to escape or died during Agent Richard Perkins assault on Jericho in Crossroads, she and Alice will not appear. However, if Kara and Alice escaped the assault they will both be present in the church and be able to converse with either Markus (If Alive) or Connor (If Deviant and Markus died).

If Jericho was raided, Markus apologies for telling her that Jericho is a safe place and asks her to leave the city with Alice while they can. Kara responds that they still have a chance to catch the last bus and tells Markus to save their people. She then listens to Markus' speech.

If Markus died, Connor became a deviant and chases Kara and Alice in On the Run, he will apologize for putting their lives in danger on the highway and explain that he was just a machine taking orders. He then questions Kara about what they will do next. Kara says that getting Alice away from the city is all that matters so they must catch the last bus. Connor says that they deserve happiness. She then listens to North's speech. [13]

Battle for Detroit Edit

Kara Leaving Detroit Edit

Kara and Alice continue their way to the bus terminal to get on the last bus which is set to leave in 20 minutes, U.S. Army soldiers are patrolling the streets and arrest or shoot all androids seen in the area, leaving them with the task of having to sneak past them. Kara can potentially find a gun which she can use later. On the way, they find Luther (if Kara helps him in Crossroads) and a Jerry model held hostage by a soldier. Kara can save or leave him. If she decides to save him, she will sneak up behind the soldier and knock him down with a brick to the back of the head. Luther is glad to see her and hug Alice, Jerry makes his own way to the bus station and mentions to Kara that he owes her a favor. The group continues on their way to the bus terminal, hiding from soldiers. If the group is caught, it leads to Kara Captured. They arrive at a security checkpoint, due to the soldier's knowledge of androids it can be risky to take the chance of going through the checkpoint, for safe measures the group can take a detour to avoid the guards which will prolong their journey and will likely miss the bus, or take their chances and approach the checkpoint to get to the bus on time.

If they go to the checkpoint, Kara hands over their ID's and talks to the guard who question their presence despite the curfew. The guard will let them pass, but then calls them back, Luther begins to panic and believes they are onto them, Kara can order Luther to shoot the soldiers (or shoot them herself is he is dead) or calm Luther down, if done so, the soldier simply gives Alice her glove that she dropped.

The group reaches the bus terminal, with the last bus being full at its capacity and are only allowing people with tickets to board on. If Todd is alive, he will catch Kara and will confront them, calling some soldiers to alert them that they are androids as revenge for leaving with his "daughter".

If Kara sees Alice's treasure box in A New Home, she can appeal to Todd about his past, that his wife left with their daughter and he bought Alice to prove himself that he can take care of a child, which leads to Todd breaking down and ultimately admitting his faults. A soldier walks by from the commotion he displayed and so he tells them that he simply made a mistake, Alice approaches him and can hug him. If Kara did not see Alice's treasure, Todd will reveal to the soldiers that they are androids which lead to Kara and Alice being shot on sight. If Luther is around he will create a diversion to save them.

Alice then approaches a mother and her baby, Oliver, the woman's husband, arrives and the family leaves to take the last bus. However, the envelope containing their tickets falls out of the bag. Kara picks it up and realizes this is their chance to leave. The family come back distressed by the loss of their tickets and the man asks Kara if she has seen it. Kara can either lie and keep them or give it back to the family.

If Kara gives the tickets back to the family or misses the bus, soldiers begin using thermal scanners to identify androids. With this, Kara's only other option is to go to the parking area where she will find Adam and Rose, whom offer Kara the chance to escape via the river. They drive the group to the river to cross the Canadian border. After saying goodbye, Kara, Alice, and Luther (if alive) take one of the boats. However, coastguards appear and start firing at the boats containing the androids. Luther will die no matter what happens. Kara and Alice's fate rely on what choice Kara makes:

  • Surrender: the group is killed
  • Hide behind Luther: Luther dies shielding the two
  • Protect Alice: Kara is injured
  • Accelerate: Alice is injured
  • Dive: Only Luther dies
  • Hide (if Luther is dead): Alice is injured

The boat then starts sinking and Kara will have to push it to get to the coast. If one of them was injured, she will die. If Alice dies, Kara can choose to keep on living or deactivate herself. If none of them were injured, Kara and Alice survive and can start a new life together.

If Kara chose to keep the tickets, the group take the bus to the Canadian border. There, soldiers are checking people's temperature and using thermal scanners to identify androids. Kara starts to panic and Luther tells her that he is ready to sacrifice himself to allow the girls to cross the border.

Kara can spot the Jerry model that she saved earlier who offers to cash in his favor by sacrificing his life so they can all get past. She can also spot Rose and go to the bathroom to talk to her. She can ask her to take care of Alice if she dies. Back in the line, Kara has to decide: she can sacrifice herself, Luther, Jerry or nobody.

  • Sacrifice herself: Kara is killed by the soldiers and Alice crosses the border with Luther or Rose.
  • Sacrifice Luther: Luther is killed by the soldiers and Kara and Alice cross the border.
  • Sacrifice Jerry: Jerry is killed and Kara, Alice, and Luther (if alive) cross the border.
  • Sacrifice nobody: Kara gives her ID and when the agent uses the thermal scanner to identify them, she pleads with him to let them past. If Markus led a peaceful revolution, the agent will not alert the guards and allows them to cross the border. However, if Markus led a violent revolution or North continues to lead a violent protest after Markus is sacrificed, the border agent will alert the soldiers and they will all be killed.[14]

Kara Captured Edit

If Kara was captured, she and Alice will be in a transport truck with other deviants. They will be sent to a recall center. U.S. Army soldiers will order the deviants to get out of the truck. The player should move fast or the soldiers will force her out with violence. It will stress Alice if this happens.

After exiting the truck, a soldier will demand that Kara and Alice deactivate their skins. After being processed through the tent, one of the deviants will try to escape, but is spotted and is shot and killed by a soldier. A soldier will then order to move his body into one of the trucks that have destroyed androids to the another deviant. This deviant, in fear, will refuse. Kara can do it instead of him.

When Kara is carrying the destroyed android, she has the choice to pretend that she is dead, which results in her betraying Alice or she can walk back to Alice. The soldiers will separate them from each other. Kara can ask Jerry if he has seen Alice anywhere and he will say he will ask the other Jerrys. Kara can talk to the scarred android if freed from Zlatko. The scarred android will tell Kara that she does not know and says she will help her. She will find Jerry again and will tell her that one of him found her.

If Luther is alive, she can talk to him. The soldiers will tell them to stand in line. Kara will see Alice next to her and Alice will say that she is scared about what is going to happen to them. If Kara does not calm Alice down, Alice will run to her and is killed by a soldier. Kara has the choice to move over to Alice's lineup. She can ask a Jerry, Luther, Ralph (if met in "Fugitives") or the scarred android to create a distraction for Kara to move over.

In one choice, Kara, Alice, and Luther (if alive) can run to an unprotected fence wall to escape but will have to fight a soldier. If unable to defeat the soldier, they will be shot. In another choice, Kara, Luther and Alice are freed by Markus. In another choice, Kara and Alice will get shot by soldiers if caught running. If Markus failed, you will have the ending "Alice destroyed". If Kara did not betray Alice, the ending will be the same, except with Kara as well. Also, Kara will meet Luther, and two Jerrys.[14]

Credits scenesEdit

Kara has two additional scenes available in the game's credits, in the form of one mid-credits scene and one post-credits scene. If Alice died and Kara lives, she is seen wandering the streets where she stumbles upon an advertisement for the YK500 android, identical to Alice.[15]

If Kara was reset in “Zlatko” and failed to regain her memories in time to rescue Alice, she will become Zlatko’s slave. Alice will scream out to her and beg her to save her, but she will stare blankly as Zlatko takes Alice away. It is not revealed if Alice is then killed. Kara is then seen setting down a tray (presumably Zlatko’s dinner) as Zlatko is working on a body laid out on a table (players have presumed that this may be Alice). As she looks back up, both the iris and sclera of her eyes are shown to now be completely black (somewhat similar to Lucy’s eyes), suggesting that Zlatko may have experimented on her.



Kara has blue eyes and long brown hair, done up in a low bun at the back. She also has a LED ring on her right temple, to distinguish her as an android and indicate her mental status. Later, to change her appearance and make her less easily identifiable, she removes her LED and cuts her hair into a short pixie style; at the same time, the player can alter her hair's color, choosing between white, blonde, black, or the previous brown.

Initially, Kara wears a standard android uniform style, with a white and black short-sleeved tunic and white pants and shoes, alluding to the French housemaid dress (if she stays in the abandoned car but does not take the jacket, she can remain in her uniform until after “Zlatko”). After becoming a fugitive, Kara has several outfits of human clothes throughout the rest of the game:

  • green jacket, red beanie, dark pants (Laundromat)
  • dark jacket (Squat)
  • dark jacket (Parking Lot)
  • gray blouse and dark pants ("Zlatko")
  • dark coat over a dark-and-white turtleneck tunic, and dark pants (after "Zlatko")

If Kara failed to regain her memories in “Zlatko”, her appearance will have changed slightly in the post-credits scene, with her formerly blue eyes becoming completely black, sclera included.


Marketed in 2032 by CyberLife, AX400 model androids are designed to take care of the housework and look after young children. They can speak 300 different languages, cook more than 9000 dishes, tell 9000 children stories, help children with their homework and play with them. They are highly popular because of their ability to get along with little kids. As a model primarily used to take care of family, especially children, she is designed to act kind, patient, obedient and all around pleasant.

However, in "KARA", it can be seen that Kara has the capacity to feel emotions, much to the surprise of her operator. She is almost disassembled after she expresses independent thought but is later kept alive after she tells her operator that she feels fear.

As a deviant, Kara is primarily motivated by a desire for parenting. Her sole and primary purpose even after becoming deviant is to protect Alice and make her happy again, no matter the cost. She may be extremely loyal to Alice, to a degree of denying her machine nature, however, depending on player choices she may develop doubts about the nature of Alice, and could eventually deny Alice's identity as human (and as a family member) in some paths. In the case that Kara abandons Alice, it is revealed her secondary motivation is to escape from danger, leading to an inevitable outcome of escaping from Detroit to Canada. Kara may lose the will to live if Alice dies. She is capable of being gentle, caring and compassionate.

Kara initially distrusts Luther but accepts his aid in taking them to someone who knows how to cross the Canadian border. Over time she may befriend or be distant to Luther; as Luther becomes a father figure to Alice, Alice's reaction to Kara has an impact on Luther's view on her.

Initially naive and nervous, she may perform reckless actions including robbing, stealing, and breaking property. This behavior could be changed for better or worse, as she may subsequently perform ruthless deeds including selling out comrades for survival, or noble actions such as saving other humans and androids. Kara may also have a change of heart and can take different stances in regards to empathy on machines.

Unlike Markus and Connor, Kara is small, not very strong and inexperienced in combat, and when it comes to fighting bigger and stronger opponents she tends to encounter, she has to make use of her wit to come out in one piece. Not to mention she is quick on her feet and no slouch when it comes to protecting Alice or coming up with a solution to a problem.

Gameplay determined elements Edit

Kara' chapters feature several gameplay measures/stats: the in-common Public Opinion and the personal Relationship Status with Alice and Luther.

Relationship: Alice Edit

Kara is Alice's parental substitute. When Kara is ordered by Todd to stay still while he abuses Alice, she pushes beyond her programming and gains awareness so she can protect her; she would not have deviated in the first place if it was not for her love for Alice. Afterward, she does anything she considers necessary to ensure Alice's safety and well-being, no matter the cost to herself and others. Kara was also aware that Alice was an android the entire time, but repressed her knowledge of it out of a desire to act like a mother figure to a human child, to the point where the player can decide to be colder to Alice as a result of this.

Relationship: Luther Edit

Luther is a companion of Kara after Zlatko's death, he assists Kara on strenuous work including breaking into abandoned shelter, and expresses parenting tendencies to Alice, assuming a fatherly figure to Alice and subtly trying to influence Kara into adapting a motherly figure towards Alice, despite the fact that all three of them are androids. While Luther rarely objects Kara and does not stand against her in all paths of game, he is inclined to encourage Kara to take a humanistic stance as aforementioned, and expresses gratitude should Kara help him despite verbally objecting Kara's recklessness putting herself in further danger.

Possible DeathsEdit

Stormy NightEdit

  • Todd Williams (Determinant)

If Kara does nothing to break her programming, Alice will be beaten to death by Todd. Afterward, Todd will turn his aggression on Kara and destroy her.

If Kara fights Todd without grabbing the gun and fails to win, Todd will break her apart and proceed to kill Alice.

If Kara and Alice fail to catch the bus, Todd will catch up to them and destroy Kara outside, then go back inside and beat Alice to death.

On the RunEdit

  • Car accident (Determinant)

On the second freeway, if all of the QTEs are failed on the Experienced difficulty, Kara will get hit by a car and be killed. Alice will run back to her, only to get hit by a car herself.


  • Zlatko (Determinant)

If Kara and Alice are caught and fail to escape, Zlatko can destroy Kara with shotgun either in the storage room or bathroom.


If Kara and Alice continually try to escape Jericho during their final scene of the chapter, they will both be shot and killed by a soldier of the U.S. Army.

Battle for DetroitEdit

If Kara and Alice were taken to the recycling center, Markus is either dead or did not lead a revolution, and Kara does nothing to escape, she and Alice will both die.

If Kara tries to flee when escaping through the fence in the recycling center, she will be shot and killed. If she fights the soldier but loses, she will also be shot. This also results in the death of Alice (and Luther if he is present).

  • Drowned (Determinant)

If Kara and Alice take the boat to Canada and Kara does not push the boat at all, she will drown.

  • Shut down (Determinant)

If Kara and Alice make it to shore by swimming, Alice will become severely weakened and shut down. Kara has the option to keep living or give up. If she gives up, she will shut down and die, holding Alice in her arms.

  • Shot while on the boat by U.S. Border Patrol (Determinant)

If the group surrendered while on the boat, Kara will die along with Alice (and Luther if present.)

  • Shot at the Canadian border by U.S. Army soldier (Determinant)

If Kara chooses to sacrifice herself at the Canadian border, she will be shot and killed.

If she chooses to sacrifice nobody and Markus leads a revolution or the opinion is hostile toward androids, she will be shot along with Alice and Luther (if present).

  • Shot at bus terminal by U.S. Army soldiers (Determinant)

If Kara returns the tickets instead of keeping them, she and Alice will be unable to get onto the bus to the border. If Luther is dead or does not make a diversion, Kara will be shot and killed along with Alice.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Kara is portrayed by Valorie Curry, who provided her likeness, the voice acting and performance capture. Curry was first cast in 2010 for the titular role in the short film "Kara", and reprised her role for the game.
    • In dubbed versions Kara's voice was acted by: Maïa Michaud (French), Sako Mayumi (Japanese), Andrea Orozco (Latin American Spanish), Olga Velasco (European Spanish), Nicole Hannak (German), Emanuela Damasio (Italian), Lina Ivanova (Russian), Victória Guerra (European Portuguese), Flora Paulita (Brazillian Portuguese).


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  • Kara is the only playable character who the the player has the freedom to change her appearance (in her case, her hair color) based on their choice. The player can choose between four colors: Brown (default), Blonde, White, and Black.
  • Kara means "beloved" in Latin, and is also Irish for either "friend" or "love," which perfectly embodies her personality and the theme of her story.
  • Kara's story takes on the theme of a mother trying to protect her daughter, similar to Ethan Mars’ story of a father trying to save his son in Heavy Rain. Kara can also be willing to go to great lengths to protect Alice, even sacrificing herself at the Canadian border (determinant), similarly to how Ethan may go to great lengths (for example, his trials) to save Shaun.
    • The promotional material for Kara's character ended with the line "How far will you go for love?" which is similar to Ethan's trailers for Heavy Rain "How far will you go to save someone you love?"
    • In Battle for Detroit, if Kara and Alice are taken to the Recycling Camp, Kara will begin to shout for Alice repeatedly. This has parallels with Ethan from Heavy Rain when he looks for his sons Jason and Shaun.
    • If Kara sacrifices herself at the Canadian border, she will tell Alice, “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, Alice.” This may be referencing one of Ethan's lines in Heavy Rain. If he took the poison in the final trial and then arrives at the warehouse to save Shaun, he will tell him, "You are the best thing that's ever happened to me in my life. I want you to know that whatever happens, I love you more than anything in the world."
  • Kara appears in the least amount of chapters out of all three playable characters, with 11. She is playable in 10 of these.


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