Officer Chris Miller is a human in Detroit: Become Human. He is a member of the Detroit City Police Department.



Chris Miller was born September 30, 2009.

Chris Miller is a young police officer from Detroit fresh from the academy. He is rigorous, dedicated and has a great professional and personal respect for Lieutenant Hank Anderson. Chris has just become a father to a newborn named Damian.[1]

Partners Edit

He first appears in "Partners", examining evidence in Carlos Ortiz's house and if the deviant is found Hank Anderson will call out his name when Connor alerts him to the deviant HK400.

The Interrogation Edit

In "The Interrogation", he is seen in the observation interrogation room. After, the interrogation is completed. Chris will walk into the interrogation room and will unlock the table cuffs and will attempt to drag the HK400 to the holding cell. The HK400 will put up a fight and steal the gun if pressured to shoot itself or sometimes shoot Connor in other choices. If Connor intervenes when he was friendly to android and was not too pressured by Connor. Connor will tell Chris to stop and have the HK400 follow him to the holding cell.

Waiting for Hank. Edit

In "Waiting for Hank...", Chris will be seen working at his desk, where Connor can talk to him. If Connor died, he will say "Good Lord! They already repaired you? They don't waste any time over at CyberLife...I don't think Hank's gonna be overjoyed to see you." and if Connor survived he will say "You still here? I thought your assignment was over. Hank's gonna be overjoyed to hear that...".

In addition if the HK400 android survived he will say "You were right about that's been quiet in the cell all night." If Connor walks to the holding cell the HK400 (If it did not destroy itself in the interrogation) and asks more questions. After the conversation, the HK400 will damage its head, and stop functioning. Chris and Detective Ben Collins will rush over to find the HK400 not working. Ben tells him to clean up the blue blood mess. Later, when Connor and Hank get into an argument and he will interrupt Hank and tell him that he has some information on a deviant android that attacked or kill its owner has been sighted in the Ravendale district.

The Eden Club Edit

In The Eden Club, He is seen at the crime scene with Detective Gavin Reed. After Gavin finishes talking to Hank and Connor, he will leave with Gavin. Chris will apologize to Hank about Gavin's rude behavior.

Public Enemy Edit

In "Public Enemy", he is seen explaining the event what happens during the hijacked broadcast in the Stratford Tower to Connor and Hank. He also introduces Perkins to them. If Connor interrogates the JB300, he will be seen talking to Hank. When Connor find the deviant and is able to fix himself he will alert everyone about the deviant, Chris will be caught off guard when he hears this and Hank will shield him while Hank is trying to get out his gun. He will not get killed by the JB300 336 445 581 in all choices.

Capitol Park Edit

In "Capitol Park", (If Markus demonstration is peaceful or violent) Chris and his partner will later arrive on scene and gun down several androids that are fleeing the area. He and his partner are overrun by androids and are held at gunpoint by an android, who took one of their pistols and has them on their knees. Markus has the choice of sparing them, killing them, or giving the gun to android that held them at gunpoint, which results in the android killing Chris and his partner. While at gunpoint, Chris begs Markus to spare his and his partner's life fully in tears, terrified of being killed and feeling remorseful for what he did, if Markus did spare or killed him he will only be mentioned by a reporter on CTN TV news about being spared or killed with his partner and Hank will also mention him after being on the phone after one of his colleagues call him while him and Connor go to Kamski's house.